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Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz
Saturday, June 21st, 2014 02:13 pm

(I found a stash of some of my old LJ icons! This is from one of my fave MST3Ks Werewolf)

OK, I guess there's not much to say about this part of stuff.*
I let Morrigan do the deed with Alistair, the look on his face was priceless.

Midway through the first few battles I had to switch to casual because I just don't have the time and honestly I didn't have the resources. I am still pretty terrible at fighting in this game. I just built everyone wrong or something.

But I got to Sandal and was like OHHHHH ok so I ransacked a bunch of rooms and ran back to him and am kind of in the process of doing that right now. So I can maybe get it back up to normal.

I don't know what is ahead except that I have to fight a fucking dragon so I'm potting up like crazeballs.

But going through it all with my elf will make it easier for me with my mage. I just have to keep morrigan alive while we fight, because I gave her heal and rez powers.

I now see what you mean by werewolves vs elves and all that. I thought it was like a stats thing or something but it's an actual fighting thing-- when you call upon the others to help! I did not get that and man I have very few of any of my allies. I'm an idiot. Is that what all those crates and giving all your hard earned shit to them was about? I need to listen more, or research more, or something.

In other news I got to meet a guy IRL whom I met through a friend on FB. He was basically like "You both live in NY and love Mass Effect and are cool" and we've been posting about our hoodies etc. He wasn't trying to love match because the dude is gay, but I'm very happy to make more friends who geek out on this stuff.
It ended up that he is actually WAY more into DA and ME, and I'm kinda the opposite. I've been enjoying Dragon Age a lot, but it just hasn't caught my heart like Mass Effect did. Maybe because Mass Effect was my first ever giant RPG type thing, maybe I'm more sci-fi than I thought. Anyway he's a PC player and was able to mod it so that he could have Alistair be his LI. Also he said you could like hug and kiss all the time if you get into the LI soon enough. My poor Elf was just too disconcerted about being around humans all the time to have that much interest in them.

Anyway it was great to sit at a bar and dish about all that stuff in real time. He told me how he had composed his tactics rules thingys which made a lot of sense but still don't seem to work when I do them.

I've made a lot of mistakes this go round obviously. I want to finish this playthrough and then get back to my mage but I'm also interested in moving on to the next part (awakenings?), because I've never really handled the fight mechanics that well in this game and I'm hoping there's some improvement.

Also my new friend does platinum PUGs on ME3 MP so um... wow. I've done I think 3 gold matches.And even in Silver I feel like I'm challenging myself. So it was a leeetle difficult to compare notes. But still fun to talk about.

*UM apparently I lied. :^/

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Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz
Friday, May 23rd, 2014 07:34 pm

What the everloving fuck.

She just proposed her sleeping with Alistair to make some old god demon child...

Man, I knew all her shit talking at him was just covering her attraction to him.

I ...
I can't with this right now.

Also there is a thunderstorm that blinked the lights out for a second, so I had to turn the monitor off. I'm unplugged on my computer so I'm cool.

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Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz
Friday, May 23rd, 2014 06:48 pm

Sorry I've been out of touch for a bit.

I got to a point in the gameplay where I just didn't know what to do so I kind of stopped oh and then played my human mage for a while, because I just like spells...? And there's so effing many to choose from when you level it's concerning.

Also I was kind of trying to do more of an Alistair thing with my human...and then I'm actually opening up a sub plot with leiliana? I had no idea! Of course. Anyway it's weird because I've been playing a


ok that's where that cuts off. I don't know what I was going to say. Anyway I have not had much time to play lately, and it's all been in fits and starts with a couple hours here or there which just isn't enough time for the fucker to load much less play.

OK the big standoff with Loghain. I got the picture, because I was looking at stuff that you could actually have Loghain on your team or whatever. Just because as much as they were careful on the wiki it does end up showing up.

Anyway, I killed him. And then I got Alistair and Anora to agree to marry because it seemed like the best plan. And Aurelia partly likes Alistair and partly is a bit of a martyr, so it made sense. I don't think my mage will do that... but we'll see.

If there are other things I've forgotten to mention because it's been like 3 months, let me know.

Now I'm at Redcliffe and we're about to go fight the Archdemon?

Again, I apologize for slacking off. This is like all my projects, though. Start strong and never finish, or at least a weak finish so I'll try to buck that trend and give a strong end to at least posting about my experience.

I do have a question about sustained talents. Like with Leiliana, she has all the bard songs and at first her automatic one was "song of valor", and then I got "song of courage" and switched it to that because it seemed like the things I wanted. Or like all the archery sustained things, I can't tell which one is the best or just a generally good one, based on situation? That sort of thing.

I know that when I don't know what to do I should ask you guys, but then I'd forget to post...

OK I am posting this before it's another 3 weeks

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Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz
Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 07:45 pm

(OH YEAH, I killed my first Revenant on Normal. I read something about having a couple of ranged attackers and really stuck to that and took him down! There's a couple more that I wasn't comfortable going casual on but wasn't able to confront on normal but now I feel pretty confident. I mean, they level with you, right?)

I was pretty hung up on the whole King thing. I originally was going to do Bhelen's quests but then I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do, so I ended up in the Proving instead. I now know that when I went to the Aeducan Thaig (seriously ALWAYS THIS ) I was supposed to go down a tunnel that I originally missed somehow. I am hoping I can still go back and do it, even after choosing a king... cuz I am NOT going all the way back, and if I do it after the whole Anvil thing and before the king thing, I'm out of everything... I guess I could try to go back to Party camp and stock up on flasks etc....

A moment of fiction:
Jarvia says "kill them, except for the pretty one. I've got plans for her..." or something and I just imagined a very Whedony or Harmon moment of Aurie, Leiliana and Morrigan kind of smiling self satisfied and bashfully and then looking at each other in confusion like "wait, does she mean you?"
Or some kind of take on that moment.
an example from Community (argh it won't embed at the correct moment!) and this. Think that but with a more positive spin? This is why I don't write fiction.

(an aside: My feelings about those kids in Art of Discourse is kind of like the feeling I feel for the Titans on Attack on Titan. I feel fucking ANGRY and HELPLESS and FUCKING FURIOUS!!! obviously to a lesser degree of the former to the latter but still it's in the same vein)

I did take Oghren with me through the Dark Roads, he kind of insisted. I replaced Leiliana, although once we're out I'll probably put her back in. I like having the range of an archer and a mage and then 2 folks in melee mode.

I added points to my stealth mode and it is nice that even when the others start fighting I can still sneak up and hit a group with a couple flasks before jumping in the fray. Also being able to run around and detrap the traps laid out....

For the bigger more functional version of this guy
I heavily relied on Morrigan... and "forcefield". I know that they've had similar types of powers in Mass Effect and I never utilized them because I always thought "what's the point of having them frozen yet impervious to damage? I want them frozen and VERY pervious!" But I get it now. It's nice to have the heavy artillery paused while you take out the little guys. (mooks? I'm still new to the terminology) Anyway I see its usefulness now. Even previously with a lot of other objectives, although sometimes she's a bit overzealous with it and they all just kind of stand around something relatively harmless, but at least they have a moment to rebuild their stamina for a sec. It's whatever I made the tactics thingy.

Anyway, that fight ended up being Morrigan and Alistair by the end. And I just kept potting Morrigan up and casting all everything... it eventually worked! The first time! I thought for a moment then I should kick up the difficulty past normal but honestly I like winning. I feel like I've actually gotten somewhere.

Oh yeah, the Anvil. Um? I destroyed it? I'm an elf, and we've had far too much servitude to allow others to be enslaved (maybe my mage will be of a different perspective, I don't know)... right? I mean Morrigan was pissed but she can go suck an egg. Or eat 7 sugar cakes (goddammit I want sugar cakes! Stupid low carb diet) "EAT THESE!! YOU WILL LIKE ME AGAIN!!"

I do like Bhelen's wanting to lose the whole caste thing, (again, elf.. or normal, feeling person) but his tactics are shitty. The other guy is way more straightforward seeming, but I don't dig his politics.

OK there is probs more and this is probs FULL OF ERRORS, but I finished orzammar like 2 days ago and I want to continue so I have to post this now.

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Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz
Sunday, February 16th, 2014 02:07 am

OR reload and not hit it? Yeah, that's the one I chose.
I'm sure there was some instruction about it that I missed because I'm impatient and because my brother always goes to bed early. Right now his gf is visiting and I'm totally stressing because I want to plaaayyyy! And you did tell me that I could not fight the dragon at this time. I seriously so much didn't.

(I'm thinking of getting Fallout 3 for my laptop --even though it's a mac I have BootCamp installed-- because I am not getting to Brooklyn enough for the amount I want to keep playing that game. I haven't because there are other things I'm actually supposed to be doing and I think if I get that it's just another major distraction in a sea of distractions)

I did get almost all of the riddles right except for um... mercy? I think? I would have gotten them all wrong if they weren't multiple choice.

Got the Ashes! Didn't despoil them with the blood.
And didn't kill Genitivi because even if he told people where the ashes are there's still the whole gauntlet thing and a fucking dragon to get through to get at them, right?

Went back to Redcliffe because I was worried that the Arl thing was maybe time sensitive and he had been at death's door for weeks now. Now things are really chugging along.

I still haven't been to the Frostback Mountains for the Dwarf quest. So I don't know if I should go to with the Arl for the Landsmeet or get Warden quests all wrapped up first. And

In my new playthrough, I have been playing more with the other characters since I'm already a Mage I don't have to take Morrigan with me all the time. Man everything I do pisses Sten off. I went to Redcliffe again, but then backtracked and did some other quests first like the Shale one.
I tried to do the Kitty one by letting her have the girl, because I had read that I could get a cool mage staff. but when the girl makes a scared face and covers her eyes, I just felt really creeped out by the whole thing and also everyone in my party majorly disapproved and I was also like "yeah, I disapprove too, guys." I reloaded.

I stumbled back into Redcliffe with Leiliana, Sten and Shale and then I realized that there is that whole "I'm a bastard" speech that Alistair is supposed to give... and

I'm kind of at a pause point with both playthroughs as to what my next best move is.

I think my next step with Aurelia is the Misty Mountains and Mines of Moria Frostback Mountains and Orzammar? We can't have a Landsmeet without the full backing of everyone who would uphold the treaties with the Grey Wardens, right?

The Arl won't have it without us, I'm pretty sure. This might be my confusion as to how games work.

With Celestia (hush, I know I could be referencing MLP, I just wanted a fantasy version of my ME char "Celeste"!) I'm unsure. It feels like the Redcliffe thing is important because it's top of the list on the "Blight" and I don't think they're alphabetical. And I'm still going to avoid Denerim until I'm a higher level.

I've been looking up stuff on the Wikia while I go in sometimes, I know it's probably cheating, I'm not doing it so much with my first run, but the second, I kind of want to get my shit together faster.

I just don't have the time, man!!

I get this sort of magnetic opposite thing happening where I just want all the action to play and then I also want to know all the story stuff.
Like, I want to barrel ahead with the fighting. And I also want to listen to everyone and get involved with their individual expositions. So I make dumb choices all the time.

Happened with ME, too.

Random thoughts:
I guess this is like a "Let's Play"? but I've never actually looked at anything other than the MSPixel of ME which I find hilarious. But I don't know if I should adhere to some sort of structure other than "WTF is happening now??"
I mean, I was going to try to do a synopsis with a "stray observations" section AV Club style but it's all just my experience, it's not like actual specific episodes.

Also if I don't answer your comment it's not cuz I don't care. Things are getting lost in the shuffle, esp with the way my new mail is sorting stuff. It is filing per person, and it's confusing. Anyway I'm seeing everything, eventually and I love getting feedback and advice!

OMG, what is going on here?

Fuck it's snowing so much.

*some of that title is from Red vs. Blue and I realize I am completely remiss in also having old RvB icons. what the heck? I guess when I was originally obsessed with that show, it was before I was a regular on here. But man I need some goddamn photoshop up on this computer. Fuck Gimp. I can't stand it! ARGH!!!

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Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz
Thursday, February 13th, 2014 02:01 am

And it's coming down not necessarily visibly in the air, but fast on the objects.

I hope I can go swim tomorrow morning. That is the only thing that keeps me going. Once I get in the water, I feel like even if i just float on my back I'm ok.

But I try to swim a mile. And I do. I'd like to swim 2 miles but that's like almost 2 hours.

What I would love to find this summer is an actual lake that is like a 1/2 mile or even a 1/4 mile.
I know a mile is bigger than a kilometer. I know that a yard is kind of a meter?
But I suck at math.
Anyway, I want to swim without a wall for at least a ...kilometer. or 2!
I think I could do it. As long as it's not ocean.

I had a dream where I had to save sweet little fishes from bettas at my brother's house. I haven't told him about this yet. It was vivid.
Also, though he has fishes he has no bettas atm. It was so weird.

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Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz
Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 02:52 am

I've been playing more than blogging so let me catch you up. I finally decided to go to Denerim. And then I also keep picking up all these sidequests which great for leveling but like ugh for story forwarding sometimes. Also if I want to play my other playthrough I kinda don't want to have to do all everything again. Maybe just leave some for later. Sometimes they seem more renegade than others like you're dumping bodies...would my character dump bodies? Maybe not but I wasn't paying attention when I got that one.

Went to see Goldanna, boy was that a bust. Oof. Got some Drakescale armor. Preeettty sweet.
"Learned" dueling from a chick at the Pearl, she was cool. I was kinda hoping I could hang out with her more... oh well.

Anyway I also got to Deserted Building which after 4 times completely eating it I was like... hmmmmmm

let's do something else like save the Arl. He's probably dead by now!
So now I'm in Haven. Actually I'm past that and in the ruins. I have to say that the fighting is getting a bit better now. I have Morrigan, Alistair and I've been trying to use Leiliana (because archery!) although I'm having a problem with her mana/stamina (the gold side?). I dunno maybe it's a tactics slot thing. I've put her in really light armor wondering if it was fatigue but that didn't seem to do it? I know she automatically does Valor and Rapid shot... I guess their upkeep is pretty high. I have song of Courage and a few other arrow based sustains, I don't know if I should switch them out.

But I have also been super low on health pots and sometimes I have to let someone die because I actually have more injury kits that health. We died quite a few times before I finally got through to the NEXT DOOR!! and with only like 3 healths to give it was a real tight rope, but I did keep it at "normal" so that's pretty good for me. Now I've decided that every damn merchant I encounter I take all elfroot and health pots. It makes me crazy with the rationing.

I gave morrigan forcefield, which i didn't understand before but it is nice to freeze someone just to concentrate on the others for a sec.

Is there any chance at some point to reappoint... uh... points? I have been all over the place with them because I'm so indecisive, but now I can see what I use and what I don't...

Here are a couple more photos from ingame.

Random photos!Collapse )

In other news I'm also freaking out about the banner glitch in ME3 MP and I'm afraid that it's going to be shut down really soon, and I still have like SO MUCH LEFT to do. ARGH ::splits into two::
::then realizes there's only one playstation and both simultaneously sit down and sigh::
I'm not done, man. Don't take it away.

me and my N7 hoodieCollapse )

Someday I may post about my real life again, but who wants to hear about that...

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Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz
Friday, February 7th, 2014 01:53 am

I feel like this is going to sound weird.
Look, I like Alistair. I do. I'm fascinated by him. But my elf is still just edgy around human men. She's actually hitting it off with Leiliana (after she schooled her a bit on her privilege and elf racism) and that feels right for her.

But me, I'm super into Alistair. But my elf isn't. I just can't see her with him. I can see me with him. Completely different! And by me I mean my avatar. But Shepard is who I think I am.
So I kind of made a similar looking character to my Shep but a human mage.
And I didn't want her to look exactly like Celeste...

But also their character creation parameters are a little sucky. and they do not have good hair for black women, for sure. first photoCollapse )

I can't believe how much this is freaking me out.

I mean, do you folks make characters that are similar to each other through different games? Do you kind of identify with a specific type? Celeste Shepard was my first real character I made and she's loaded with the ambition and dreams and hopes and fears of a me I could never be. I love her and I was of course devastated with the end of ME3 and this is kind of like she's in a reincarnation? or a dream? I dunno.

I'm not dumping Aurelia. Not at all. I just was at odds with my own interests and her interests. I still want to rogue it out, but I'm also really intrigued by this avenue. And honestly the whole LI thing. Ugh.

I'm really hoping this doesn't sound super creepy. Like...yeesh. Please tell me I'm not weird. Or that you're weird too.

I wasn't done with her. They made me be done. She just got sucked into an alternate universe where she's now fighting dragons.

Whatever I'm drunk.

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Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz
Monday, February 3rd, 2014 03:15 am

Apparently I've been Lost In Dreams for a while.

Don't hate me but I had to switch to casual play in the Fade, especially because I was alone, but also I just haven't had the time to die 17 times in a row before accidentally figuring something out that I can't repeat. I suck. I know.
But, I get to kind of see the fighting more, and they do have some cool animations when you can let it go for a while without just freaking the fuck out. And also about halfway through the In Dreams level I only had, like, 2 heath pots left. I don't think there was any way out of there, and I wasn't going all the way back in my saves just to stock up.

But I enjoyed the crazy landscape of the Fade, if only there weren't the weirdness on the edges of your vision to show that it's magic or dreams or whatever. There were some cool statues and sculptures. And vistas! I guess what one thing I miss about Mass Effect is the crazy vistas with planets and moons on the horizons of vast canyons...

I tried to take pics but because it's a dream world they look all wonky.
Like this: a few crappy picsCollapse )

I've enjoyed being a mouse and all the other shapes... I like the way the mouse hops, though. So cute! Once I got the gist of what was going on, that I was getting these different aspects I realized I was going to have to come back to a few places for, like, the spirit doors and massive doors. But I'd go through a door as the spirit and then die in some fire because I forgot to change form to the burning man (whose name gives me so much happy! Oh Burning Man, I miss you. I it a reference to the event?)

We all had rejoined each other in the middle point of the Sloth thing when a) my younger brother came home and had to go to sleep and b) I really had to get ready for work. wah-waahh.

I also think there is a door I wasn't able to get to in the Raw Fade... I might have to check. Maybe we get out that way. I dunno.

I've been really loving Fallout 3 but I only play that when I'm at my older brother's house....

I need to make an icon of Aurelia for these posts.

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Two Mick Jaggers and a line of cheap whizz
Thursday, January 30th, 2014 01:39 am

OK LOOK. I will always always love ME3 MP. But I realized my friend along with whom I fight...?(my brother in arms?) was also online right as I was fighting mages in the Tower and although I had told him it doesn't matter what I'm doing I'm always down for ME3 MP And am I but.... I was also like..

fuck if someone can please find me a gif of Venkman saying "I'm right in the MIDDLE of something, Ray!!" from ghostbusters I would be extremely happy.

I mean I totally battled up my Batarian and completely sucked...Apparently it takes a game to aim a net correctly? I do fucking love the shit out of MP.

Anyway, that's how I felt. Which is cool I think because ME3 MP has trumped all for months and months.
It's my go to. I mean I guess if I was in the middle of Walking Dead it would have been the same.... I dunno. But I didn't actually feel that way about Dragon Age until just now. so, yay?

Also, my alistair interaction say's "do you know you're handsome" or something insane like that and after I saved I followed it and it felt like the red on my face shot up out of my head like an anime character with a flashing sign it was so embarrassing...! but he was also actually looking really handsome at the same time..?

I reloaded, because I'm not ready to deal with that yet.

Look, no one will ever take the place of my crazy space cricket. NO ONE.

But this is a different character, and a different experience and ....
but... I'm... I dunno... It's intriguing.... what are the other options?
I like to play the field.

I just cringed through the whole conversation, even though I also liked it. What is wrong with me?

What I wanted to say was that I actually am into it now. It took me a little while and I apologize. It's there in my head though, and I like it.

Now my brain likes to say "Do this, Do that". and then I'm like yeah that's what you do, dumbass.
I argue with my brain constantly.

Did I write that already?I'm drunk

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